Support materials

Manchester Cathedral support materials

Historical overview [pdf]
Layout task [pdf]
Signs and Symbols [pdf]
Misericords [pdf]
Stained Glass Windows [pdf]
Fire Window [pdf]
Follow up acrostic poem [pdf]
Being a Chorister [pdf]

Manchester Buddhist Centre support materials

Free pupil sheets for you to download and print:

Buddhist Centre in the City: A Tour of the Manchester Buddhist Centre is a KS2/3 DVD pack all about the Buddhist Centre, showing areas and activities not seen during school visits. You can use this to prepare for and follow up on your visit.

Stilling Exercises for Young People is a CD of led stilling exercises and Buddhist meditations for age 7+. Specially created with short tracks for your lesson plan and young attention spans!

Order these two together from Clear Vision, mention your group visit booking and get 20% off the DVD.